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  1. At what temp should wood be when caulking/painting? House empty-temp set 45F. Caulk/paint did not seem to dry or adhere well to primed 1x6 moulding.Looked good after 3 coats yesterday. (sleet/rain outside)did not see today.

    Should house be warmed for few days beforehand? Weather dry? Concern esp for curing of heart pine floors. Suspect paste wax may have been used long ago as hand sander gummed up a bit on test board. Can "screen coat" still apply? Thank you.
    Great Site!

  2. Yes it does need to be warm. Above 50 for oils and above 60 is usually good for latex although poly likes 65 degrees for best drying. Make sure it's dry before you hand sand between coats if it's gumming up then it's probably not dry enough. The old stuff gums up and we use harsher sandpaper until it literally rips off the finish then work the floor back smooth with finer and finer paper. Soft pine, or pumpkin pine as we call it in the north east absorbs the finish so you may have to go pretty deep.
    Good luck and let me know If you need more help.