Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Our Brick Sh##House
Hi again folks! I've taken on a new endeavor. I'm looking for a lot of help from a lot of people so without wasting your valuable time here's Buddy!

Hi folks, the name is Buddy Walker, a.k.a "LL Cool Bud" and I'm Robs pal. We're currently working on a new project and could use some help.

We need to get a load of compassionate, curious, loving people like yourself to come on this ride with us. Rob's gonna buy this brick relic of a building and
with some help from our online friends we'll be rebuilding this Brick Sh##house into a humble tiny house to move into.

We plan on documenting the story and streaming the whole project for our supporters to come along for the ride.

Rob's also working on his new e-book "Rebuilding a Brick Sh##house" which will document the project from purchase to move in day and beyond.

We just posted some rewards for helping us out so if you have a moment take a look. We'd greatly appreciate it.
Thanks so much and God Bless us all.

Click here: A Tiny House For A Homeless Man

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Article Writing Promoting Branding And Ultimately Profiting From Your Hard Work

Article Writing Promoting Branding And Ultimately Profiting From Your Hard Work
Article Writing Promoting Branding And Ultimately Profiting From Your Hard Work, is an article that will discuss the follow up necessary to ultimately receiving a nice passive income from your on line writings. Read the rest here...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to Eliminate Air in a Noisy Forced Hot Water Baseboard Heating System by Purging the System

How to Eliminate Air in a Noisy Forced Hot Water Baseboard Heating System by Purging the System
Air in a hot water heating system can reduce the efficiency. Pumps can air lock and cause heat outages at the most inconvenient moment. Getting the air out of a system of this type is a specialized procedure that almost anyone can accomplish with the right amount of insight.
This article will walk you through the steps involved with performing this maintenance and repair task.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I Didn’t Even Know I Missed Them- Kitchen Mixer Taps

I’m going to be honest with you. I didn’t know what my kitchen sink was missing until I came across kitchen mixer taps.

Over the last three months, since we moved into our new flat, I must’ve  told my wife 25 times  that I hate doing the washing up. The truth is that I don’t hate washing up. I hate boiling water hurting my hands.   
You see we have two taps on the kitchen sink. One is hot, boiling when on for a few seconds. The other is ice cold [It is  winter after all]. When doing the washing up I have both Taps on.  One so that I am washing with hot water. The other so I can cool my hands down when the water burns them. 
I don’t like using washing up gloves, and they don’t stop the boiling water anyway.

Ahh the Joys of Mixer Taps

Now I think about it I have never had this problem before because every kitchen I have been in before had mixer taps. 

Mixer taps of course mix the water to the ratio of hot and cold that you desire. You simply slide them to the side, or use whichever functionality they change the temperature with, and get exactly the water heat you want.

We are renting an apartment at the moment. We will probably only be here for another three months or so as we have just come back from overseas; where incidentally we didn’t have running water at all.

 We are settling back in the UK. I guessed that getting mixer taps in would not be worth it. Looking online they are remarkably affordable. I think I’ll have a word with the landlord. He probably hasn’t even thought about it either.

Different Types of Mixers

When looking at mixer taps it is important to recognise that they don’t all fit every sink. They are generally compatible but it is worth checking before purchase, especially if you have a weird sink. You should also get a high or low-pressure mixer depending on the water pressure to your kitchen. Getting this wrong can be very frustrating.

Some kitchen taps have a slider that you turn to hot or cold, or somewhere in between. Others have two taps, hot and cold, that you turn on in the proportion that you need. There are also different styles of spout to choose from, in varying sizes. It really depends on the look you want and how you will find it easiest to use.

I would certainly recommend one that swivels and rotates over one that is fixed. Otherwise the spout can be in the way if you want to put something larger in the sink (like the Christmas Turkey). The higher neck taps are easier to use, the very low ones are impossible to use to fill the kettle.

Phil Turner rebuilt his kitchen a few years ago as well as his bathroom. He chose a bathroom suite from his local bathroom supply store and recently had to replace the kitchen tap because his acidic water had dissolved the zinc in the brass. 

Aren't all Bathroom Faucets the Same?

Let me put this straight out there. I’m not very good at DIY, and know practically nothing about faucets.  So when my wife decided that we were going to upgrade I went to the hardware store to have a look at some options. I looked a bit silly when I asked the question   “aren’t all bathroom faucets the same?”

The look I got from the assistant told me straight away that I was taking an overly simplistic approach to buying my faucets. I think he even chuckled at me.

Ignorance is only a sin if you choose to remain that way. So in the spirit of self-improvement, and so I didn’t look so stupid next time, I went about finding the differences when it comes to bathroom faucets. Here is some of what I found out:

  • ·       There are different types of faucet and they do not all fit every sink basin. The three most common types are widespread, center-set and single-hole faucets.
  • ·       Faucets come in a wide array of finishes and colors. You can get them in chrome [brushed, polished or matte finish], enamel-coated, antique, ceramics,  brass,  gold, platinum, nickel and pewter.  You could even get combination of finishes that provide a very distinctive style for your bathroom.
  •        Faucet handles come in a variety of styles and movement ranges. There are lever handles, course handles and motion activated handles. It is important to consider who is going to be using  the sink when choosing the type of handle.
  • ·       Some faucets have a type of inner valve to control the stream of water that comes out. The quality of this valve and whether it has a washer or not of the primary drivers off reliability and durability.
  • ·       There are compression valve faucets, which are the most common available in the shops. These operate by opening and closing the water passage as a stem lifts and drops. They have a washer.
  • ·       Washerless varieties of faucets include cartridge faucets, ball faucets and ceramic disc faucets.  The quality and construction of each will dictate how much maintenance is required.

 Then you have it I am now an expert on faucets. If you read all that, and inwardly digested it, you have the starting point to become an expert to. A quick search for any of the terms on Google  will give you further explanation. Just don’t get caught out thinking that any faucet will fit your sink. Do check!

Although I have spent some time researching on faucets I know I’m not as knowledgeable as a plumber, or someone who has more experience than me. I would love to know if I’ve missed something.  Get in touch if you think there is something important that the reader should know about.