Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Keep It In The Toilet With A New Wax Seal

Keep It In The Toilet With A New Wax Seal, is an article for the general public to learn how to change a leaking wax seal without calling a plumber. This can save hundreds of dollars for the average service call, as well as give us the satisfaction, that comes with accomplishing tasks around the house.

Honey do lists around the world are filled with items that fall under the plumbing category. These tasks can contain piping leaks and heating work among other complicated jobs that the average homeowner will need a qualified serviceman to tackle.

The wax seal replacement on your water closet, is one job, that with a little knowledge and a few tools, most people can accomplish in an hour or so.

Things you will need, include a new wax seal, a new set of closet bolts,

Tools you will need, are a pair of plumbers pliers,(channel locks), a wet dry vacuum, a mini hacksaw, a putty knife and a few rags.


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