Saturday, February 5, 2011

Taco Circulator pumps Repair Or Replace?

Taco Circulator pumps Repair Or Replace? This is an article that was written for the average homeowner who has to make the decision whether to replace a faulty Taco pump or repair it.

Taco Circulator pumps are used primarily to move heated water through the piping system of a hot water heating system. They are intended to be used in a pressurized closed system and cannot pump air. If air is introduced to the system, then the pump will get an air lock and the heat will fail to be delivered to it's targeted area.

When a pump fails, the first thing to do is to find out what caused the failure. As stated earlier air locked pumps cannot circulate the water. If no circulation is present then one of two things has occurred. Either the system has air locked or the pump has actually failed.

When a pump locks up mechanically it will get very hot. Hot enough to burn human skin so use caution when checking for this condition. A seized pump is usually caused by deterioration inside the pump. The impeller which actually turns inside can be melted or something may have gotten in there to jam it.

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