Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Last Place I Will Ever Live - InfoBarrel

This is a very inspirational, well written article that will give you a look into the spiritual elements that one person can recieve from a home. One house one dream and many generations have come together in spirit to accomplish this home restoration project.The Last Place I Will Ever Live - InfoBarrel


  1. Dreamaker, I had to drop a line to thank you for the inspiration you were to me in this project.

    If not for you and this blog these last final steps before move-in would be so much heavier.

    Though you arrived late in the story - your advice has been invaluable!

    Peace today, Venetia

  2. Venetia, I'm glad to hear your getting close. I know how long it can take for a project like the one you've undertaken.
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    Thanks again for the visit Venetia and keep up the great work.